Personality Tools Certification Orlando

For the reason that you coach people. Or if you train companies, you need the Best tool.Accreditation e-stimate Best Coaching - Personality Tool

Especially Join our online e-stimate certification.

So the CONTENT of the certification is following:


  • First of all, The Theory of human behavior, Interpersonal
  • Second point is the Circumplex – Why should anyone use e-stimate®?
  • Furthermore, the technology behind the profiles, how does the web
  • Also, how the System work, setting up profiles – Team Profiles,
  • Competency Map, Individual Profiles.
  • Even more, the Interpretation of the personalities, Interpretation of the
  • Team profile. How to use the profiles in Leadership.
  • Career Navigation with e-stimate®, Team
  • Development - Management
  • You will get together with this accreditation your own profile. Included click's in the sales value of $1,480.00

Personality Tools Certification Orlando

In fact, e-stimate has a Scientific Advisory Board. To keep us, up to date on the research.

Further to delivering input to ensure the scientific quality of our tools.

Furthermore, our Advisory Board consists of researchers, psychologists and psychometricians.

They also have specialist knowledge. In fact within personality psychology and test psychometrics.

Accreditation/ Certification e-stimate - Best Coaching / Personality Tool

Target group:

Therefore, HR training, Coaches, senior position, higher professional training, Independent consultant in education and HR

Objectives / content:

Most noteworthy the participants will get: an in-depth look at the world of the personality profiles of e-stimate.

In fact, they will be able to interpret the profiles correctly. Also to discuss them with their own employees and customers as consultants.

  • Background of personality profiles and e-stimate
  • The Interpersonal Circumplex
  • The 4 main types and the 8 facets
  • 26 behavior styles and 500'000 nuances
  • The individual profiles and their application areas
  • The Team profile and its application areas
  • The job profile and its application areas
  • The e-stimate® market
  • The system and its handling

As a result, the participants receive the e-consultant certificate

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Personality Tools Certification Orlando

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Personality Tools Certification Orlando