Swiss German Speaking Coach

Speaking in Swiss-German, Parle en Suisse-Allemand, Schweizerisch

First of all, here are some examples of topics that could be in our video chat session:

- Firstly, Conversation in Swiss, German or French                      swiss_german_speaking_coach

- Secondly, Talking about your next trip to Europe

- Thridly, All the words in Swiss, German, French in specially pronunciation

- Further, Online Video Chatting after your daily work

- Exchanging and improving your Swiss, German or French

- Preparing your oral or speaking exam

- Learning to speak in Swiss, German or French

- If you need to have languages lessons on the week-end

- Beginners are also welcome 😉

- Also, Help from a native speaking person helps you a lot more

- Most noteworthy, We focus on the speaking over the writing part

Swiss German Speaking Coach

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So feel free to contact me about any questions.

Furthermore, I am very happy to see you on the video chat.

Therefore, online-coaching is an amazing tool. Clearly, because I can help you almost anywhere on the world.

Swiss German Tutor - Speaking Coach


About me:

My nama is Raecl Meier, Trainer and Coach with all my heart.

Therefore to improve the knowledge of individuals and companies around the world:
-Personality Coaching
- Motivation
- Team-Building
- Groups and Couple Personality Analysis
- Provide Certification and accreditation about the Best Personality and Coaching Tool e-stimate
- Language-Coach in Speaking: Swiss, German and French

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Swiss German Speaking Coach

First started as a Banker in Switzerland. Then did my studies in Economy and achieved my Master Degree in Management and Service Marketing.

As a result, more than 10 years of expertise in the Training and Coaching world.
Also I worked for the Swiss Confederation in:

  • Department of finance: Management & Budgeting, Supervision pensions & medical benefits
  • Social Insurance Office (Home Affairs): Project management, Federal Council
  • Federal department of finance: IT – Management
  • Foreign Affairs: Specialist in Marketing

Additionally, I teach languages since more than 10 years.

In fact, the best thing is to speak the language. So I’m there to help you per Video Chat or Online-Coaching.

Even more on CoachTheWorld with private session/lessons to speak or Swiss-German, German or French.

Happy to See you soon.


Swiss German Tutor - Speaking Coach

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